Megan speaks in a variety of settings, from commencements to conference keynotes. Email her via the contact page to inquire about availability.

Empowerment & Peak Performance Through Forgiveness

Research shows that people who are forgiving of others and themselves tend to be healthier and happier. They also perform higher at work and at play, and are more highly rated by their relationship partners. Given the fact that the world can be hard and unforgiving, practicing forgiveness can be a challenge. Megan draws on the compelling science and powerful stories she collected while reporting domestically and internationally, as well as her own personal experiences, to provide a profound and insightful pathway to using this age-old concept as a modern and accessible practice to enhance individual health and wellbeing, work performance and productivity, interpersonal relationships and global relations.

Forgiveness in an Unforgiving World: The Key to Peace-building Worldwide

Winston Churchill said, “We shape our houses, and then they shape us.” The same can be said for our institutions. They shape who we are, as well as how we behave. And when it comes to bringing out our more peaceful natures, social science research points the way. In this talk, Megan shares her reporting from around the world on the proven practices that diffuse and even prevent conflict through effective apology and forgiveness. From inner city Baltimore to the heart of Africa, she brings practical tools that any school, company or nation can use to build consensus and collaboration.

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  • Veteran journalist Megan Feldman Bettencourt shows the power of forgiveness on all levels and in different situations, from a break-up to genocide. By combining scientific research with stories that can make you laugh out loud and cry, she shows us that giving up resentment has a profound physical, emotional, and mental impact on the way we live.

    Emily Beliveau TEDx Boulder attendee and marketing professional
  • Megan spoke at our 8th grade commencement. Her speech on forgiving yourself was not only timely for our 8th graders but struck a cord with the entire audience, adults included. She used humor and honesty to impart the importance of taking a step back from the pressures of the world and not being so hard on ourselves.

    Sarah Verni-Lau Assistant Principal at Highline Academy Charter School
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