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There’s a pervasive misconception that forgiveness means pardon and reconciliation—particularly with sexual abuse. #MeToo is our chance for an upgrade.

Years ago, I was raped by a man I dated briefly. Knowing the bleak statistics on prosecutions of sexual assaults that take place within relationships, I opted not to report it. I declined his overtures for a second chance, and afterward, a friendship. I shared the experience with a few close friends in order to process it and let it go, and as the years passed, I rarely thought about the night he held me down against my will. I didn’t want any contact with this man, but I bore no resentment toward him, either.

Then I began researching a book about forgiveness. I interviewed people who sought and granted forgiveness after various betrayals and offenses, including sexual abuse. Some even reconciled with their… [Read The Full Article]

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