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When my youngest child was three months old, I was preparing to return to my job as a content lead at a marketing agency when my manager called. After reconfirming my start date the following week, he paused. “Oh,” he said, “And the whole work-from-home thing is going away.”

My stomach dropped.

I’d worked from home at least one day a week for the past four years, since having my first child. That one day without an hour-long commute each way was everything to me — and now that I had to drop two kids off at different places before catching the train, the trip would be 90 minutes one way. That equated to 15 hours per week in transit — not working, parenting, or doing the dishes.

Just when I needed more flexibility, a unilateral policy change gave me less.

This happened months before COVID-19 forced a surge in telecommuting, and the… [Read the Full Article]


Originally published on, July 1st, 2020.

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